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Vocal Reel - Cameron Sharp

There will be a new, up-to-date vocal reel added soon!
Some cobbled together footage for a singing reel...
Cam singing Handbags and Gladrags for West End Big Busk!


This recording (and arrangement) was done by the brilliant Zachary Hart and Eli Hart. Cam will be playing Roger in a charity production of RENT in January 2015 in Birmingham. Enjoy!
This recording was done by Opus Studios:

Recordings done by Tim Prottey-Jones:

I met up with Tim to record these others back home in the cottage I grew up in. I've known Tim for a good few years now, having showcased some of his songs back when we were both Midlands-based.

We wanted to do some recordings that showed a range of styles, as I've always dabbled in various types of singing - from being classically trained to performing with a rock band throughout my not particularly angst-ridden teenage years, and these are what we decided on.

I hope you enjoy and any feedback is always welcomed and appreciated,


Butterfly by Jason Mraz

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